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No Up-Front Cost!
Start your business without investing a dime to get started.

Best Price in the market
Get the benefit of bulk purchasing without the overhead. Enjoy wholesale pricing regardless of the quantity you purchase.

Turnkey Solution
If you already have a website, all you need to do is add our products and Images we provide, then place the order directly on our website.

Fast Shipping
Next day shipment from NJ

Drop Shipping Procedure  (Step by Step Guide)

  • Create an account on Entiresale.
  • Send an email to us or  contact us via this form for joining the dropshipping program.
  • After approving you can start dropshipping business.
  • You can download our product list on the My-Account page Product List tab in csv format.
    • The Product List contains all information about the products. Name, description, stock, size, color, material, image etc.
    • The Product list is refreshed every 12 hours. You can easily list products by uploading the product list CSV on the sales channels.
  • Select products from the catalog/csv or site and list our products wherever you want to sell.
  • When your customer  ordered on your selling channel, come to
    • Select the items you would like to dropship by using our shopping cart
    • The shipping information should be completed with the customer’s information.
    • The billing information should be completed with your information.
    • Click on the checkout button when your order is complete
  • We will send goods to your customer.

The Entiresale wishes you to have a successful and beneficial business.

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Drop Shipping FAQs

Do I need to create an account for dropshipping?

Yes, firstly you must create an account.

What geographic location do you drop ship to?

We only drop ship to the Continental US.

What is your return policy for dropship orders?

Please refer to our return policy for the proper procedure.

What is the policy for using your product images?

We allow the use of our product images

Is there a minimum order total for drop shipping?

No, there is no minimum order limit.

Is there a dropshipping fee?

We charge $10 for dropshipping per order

What will be the cost of shipping?

Shipping charges change to location. Place your order in the cart, type  shipping address, state and zip code. You will see exact shipping charges.

Do your prices change?

Prices change from time to time, up or down.
We do not send out any type of price change alerts.
It is up to you to monitor price changes on the website.

Out of Stock Notification

We do not send out any “out of stock” notifications. It is up to you to monitor the website to understand our inventory position.